WCCVC Chintsa Dogs

In 2017, we finally formalised the charity work we do for the surrounding communities in the Eastern Cape as “Wild Coast Community Vet Clinic” (also known as WCCVC Chintsa Dogs) in order to provide free, or minimal cost, health care to the lower socio-economic communities’ animals of Chintsa and surrounding areas.

Currently our charity work is carried out with the support of Wild Coast Vet but as we are registered as a Non-Profit Organisation, we rely solely on donations from our students and the public to assist us in the health treatment of these animals.

Some of the activities within the townships (low socio-economic areas and informal settlements) that we are currently involved in include:

  • Anti-parasite treatment (such as dipping and dosing for endo- and ecto-parasites),
  • Wound care,
  • Community education on handling and treatment of pets and animals,
  • Neuter and spay programme for both dogs and cats,
  • Treatment of disease and parasite outbreaks such as mange and screw worm,
  • Intensive care and rehabilitation for ill or injured animals, and
  • Follow up treatments as needed


For donations, we have set up a GoFundMe page


If you’re visiting and would like to support us, any donations are welcome. Some ideas are listed below.

Wish List

Dog Muzzles (various sizes)

Slip Leads

Collars (second hand are fine)

Heat Mats

Food Bowls

Litter Trays

Cat Litter

Cage Liners (towels/ blankets)

Cat Food

Dog Food

Any expired/ unused medications

Dewormers (tablets or liquid)


Vet Wrap

Dental Instruments

Gastro-intestinal drugs (constipation, diahorrea)


Wound spray

Latex feeding teats (the kind to slip over any bottle)

Plastic rescue box (for wildlife)


Colostrum Supplement

Dog flea shampoo

Flea comb


*Snake handling equipment

Snake hook

Snake tongs

Clear pvc tube with lids

Welding gloves


*Horse specific

Grooming equipment